Zed the Zorcerer

Style Session IPA
ABV 4.3%
O.G. 1.042
Fermentables 2 Row Barley, Rye, Weyermann Munich, Gambrinus Honey
Hops Simcoe, Amarillo, El Dorado
Format Draft Only. Previously available in bottles. No More.
Availability Often


Zed is a wizard, casting hoppy spells in a muddled accent. He's as an odd blend of nationalities, mixing ingredients from America, England, Germany, Canada, and New Zealand. Zed defies standard beer styles as strongly as his accent defies comprehension.


Zed has the hop flavor and aroma of an IPA with lower bitterness and much lower alcohol. Simcoe hops impart flavors of grapefruit and pine that are complemented by hints of apricot and watermelon from the Amarillo and El Dorado. A pint of the Zorcerer is the perfect beverage for a hop lover during a long day of watching football, regardless of whether your variety of football is played with hands or feet.